Upgrading from 2.x to 2.6.1

I admit it, I am a bad person. I am a foolish person. I let my wordpress install lag behind on leekworld.

I encountered a bit of a bug all of a sudden with advanced-cache, and decided to upgrade rather than work around it – I was on WordPress 2.2.

Utter disaster.  I tried all sorts, but the upgrades just wouldn’t take.  I reconfigured my wp-config file to have all the post 2.5 stuff but it just wasn’t having it.

I’ve lost the Qwilm! theme as well. I loved that theme. I had tinkered with it and it made me happy.  I think I may have to make a new one just like it. This one’s just plain vanilla right now. I’ve taken the big header image off and added a bigger logo bit. It’s growing on me.

Moral of this story: Obviously, don’t let your site software get madly out of date, and don’t just back up your database and files, export all your stuff to xml or other useful format – so if it really really goes tits and you just can’t save it, you can start again without having to get your old site from backups, export to xml, delete it all and start again. Tedium.

Flapjacks Are Great and Everyone Says So.

By almost popular request, my flapjack methodology in handy step by step format.. Go forth and oatify.

1. try to recall if you have all the following in the house

150g golden syrup. other sugars can be used in a pinch.
100g butter or margarine. Butter is nicer.
225g jumbo oats or some boring muesli that needs PIMPIN’ (other types of oats will work too, but you’ll get a different texture)
c.175g various dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Whatever takes your fancy.
a deepish baking tray, or silicone cake/bread tin

2. Turn on your oven – about 170 degrees centigrade. Ask goggle for conversions.

3.  Put a medium sized saucepan on your scales and zero it.  Weigh your syrup and margarine/butter into it. Any other way is craziness.

Simmer it until it’s all melty and a bit bubbly. Turn off heat.

Stop! I have no golden syrup!  [ on err goto #eek1 ]

4.  weigh out your fruit/nuts/seeds. Chop em up a bit if they’re a bit big. Chuck them in the pan

5.  weigh out your oats.  either take a big handful out and whizz them in a blender till they’re like flour, or just put a stick blender in the bowl and whizz them a little bit so some of them go floury. This helps them stick together and get that more solid cakey texture.  Don’t do this if you want to make oaty cluster type thingies. You’ll ideally have caramelised the sugar mixture if that were the case though so never mind.

6. mix everything together. if you haven’t got a silicone cake tin or something like that, then line whatever you’re using with greaseproof paper.  Just use something that lets you put the mixture in to about 1.5-2cm deep. Or deeper. It doesn’t matter that much. If you do make it deeper, then turn the heat to maybe 150-160 and leave it in for a bit longer.

7. Put it in the oven for about 25 mins, until it goes golden brown.  Take it out, and resist poking/cutting/removing from tray until it is fully cooled. This is sometimes hard. Use the forsh.

8. Once cooled, tip it out of the tray and chop it into little squares.  The original recipe had it in 20 pieces with each piece being 126 kcal or something, and this one has more oats and fruit. Just so you know. Don’t blow 500 calories a day and blame me.

[ eek1:

Oh well, don’t panic.  You can substitute honey or even sugar, you just need to make sure it’s melted.  I sometimes use a mixture.

If you’re using sugar, add a couple of teaspoons of water and simmer it for a while with the margarine until all the crystals are melted. It’s all sugar, right?




BIY, it’s great, innit?

or.. Why To Buy A Fecking BarrattBox And Not A Manky Old Victorian Cottage.

thinks – I know, I will finally fix those steps, get a key on the weird melamine backing bits and paint the stair backs. Then I’ll just need to sand the treads a bit. Easy job. No bother.

Fix two steps. Feel impressed with self. Think – ha, that didn’t take so long did it? Wash down stairs. Scrub weird bits of glue and tape off stair backs. Try and remember the proper term for the back of a stair step. Sand melamine bits to get a key. Remove more staples, wondering how there could be more staples in the world than the amount originally removed from stairs after mingingcarpet removal. prime melamine. Prime wood. Sand a couple of steps. Realise weird plasticised carpet tape stuff on treads isn’t coming off. Apply homestrip to tape. Wait an hour, scrape off, then scrub with steel wool, wash down. Repeat process three times for each f cking step. Note constant groaning and insane mutterings at this point. Wash down one final time. Paint back and sides of steps. Paint again.

Realise in daylight that another coat is needed. Also sanding of treads. Mutter and cast black glares at stairs.

ooh look, an old phone pic of the orrible stairs.

the minging stairs

Spotlight on Beijing 2008..

Beijing Olympics 2008

I’m signing every petition I can that calls on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and open dialogue with the Dalai Lama whilst they’re in the olympic spotlight..

After decades of repression, the Tibetans are sending out a global cry for change. Unrest is spreading across Tibet and neighbouring regions, and the Chinese regime is right now making a crucial choice between escalating repression or dialogue.

President Hu Jintao needs to hear that “Made in China” exports and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing will have the support of the world’s people only if he chooses dialogue. But it will take an avalanche of global people power to get his attention. Click below to sign the petition–in just 7 days, the campaign is over half way to the goal of 2 million signatures!

Petition Link

painting websites

I’m really liking the whole mixed media thang at the moment. Created a couple of watercolour headers that display based on GMT sunrise and sunset. Never realised PHP had sunrise/sunset functions, you larn a new thing every day, huh?

Still very much WIP, but I’m loving the paint. I’ve gone all painty.  I painted the cats and the landscapes separately, so I can move ’em about. Taking photos of the paintings with a K850i is perhaps less than ideal however – I think I need to get a scanner working..

Pink Paws NightPink Paws Day

dojo master regexp your arse, glasshoppa!

Dojo Toolkit and Regexp monster child runs amok. Citizens terrified. Where will it stop??

I want to put ‘>=2 ‘ in a combobox.

Dojo master say no.

In fact, it seems to be escaping any even vaguely ‘dodgy’ characters. I can’t put < in, fair enough. I can’t put & in. I tried ‘<‘ even. It converts that to & lt; but it won’t resolve anything with an ampersand in either.

This bug, and yes I say it IS a bug, is bugging the arse off me.

bloody wordpress is at it too! Leave me the hell alone! What is wrong with you people?!?!

xubuntu vs ubuntu – battlefield: antiques roadshow

xubuntu how I love thee.. let me count the ways.

 Now don’t get me wrong, Ubuntu is marvellous.  Point and shoot wondrousness, especially good for putting on the PC’s of those that wot not a lot.  I have however been swearing and crashing about a fair bit recently, trying to fudge some working things out of the PC graveyard that clutters my house. For old and manky PC’s, you can’t beat xubuntu.

On various kludged old PC’s, I found that the xubuntu install went much more smoothly and quickly, notwithstanding the obvious benefits the light desktop has on the final effort.  Even things that afaik shouldn’t be any different.. Perhaps I am imagining it.  I’ve even cleaned off one Ubuntu install and replaced it with Xubuntu – even after I replaced Gnome post install it just still isn’t as neat. Problems with shutdown and all sorts. These machines are on the ragged edge of the min requirements.. I have admittedly been a self declared hardware-o-phobe for many years now, and never have much got into Linux other than randomly installing it a fair number of times, fighting with configuration files and irritating command line Stuff (terrible allergies have plagued in that area for some years), deciding it just didn’t have what it takes to be a useful alternative and wandering off somewhere else for a while, gibbering quietly.

I just haven’t been able to get my geek on about it.

What with the promise of super cheap desktops (especially the wal-mart teeny form factor $200 ubuntu based desktop, oh I drool and plan many mad implementations..) and an OS that works well enough that you can just get on and play with the fun bits, my geek is stirring.

Oh yeah, and an OS you can dish out to the relatives without the horrible knowledge of impending malware clearing DOOM. Shiny.

gmail conversation view (hell)

Great for chatting with your mates, utter utter hell if you are trying to use it for business.

For instance, I am trying to repair a knackered timesheet for some freelance work. I just want to see all the relevant mails by date. Can I do that? Not on your nelly. I have to go through EVERY CONVERSATION to see if there are emails for the relevant dates, or maybe I just do a search for each individual day? Howwww tedious! utter utter madness.

you can suggest that google stop being completely psychotic here.

losing the will.

Sloe progress

A blog you say? I have one of those? I must tie a note in my finger.

Not much has happened in the wild foods section in leekworld recently, there was a brief go at rose jelly, but it was more of a strange syrup in the end – I have learned from the experience however, and will share that 1lb of wild rose petals is a completely ridiculous amount, and would take all flipping day to collect – IF you could find enough bushes!

Moving on.. an offer of access to a good big clump of (semi) wild blackthorns (plus apples and plums) has rekindled me creative juices.

Sloe gin is the first and most obvious choice, but I’m thinking a jam might be nice. I don’t want a british type jam though, all sweetness and ugh, I want a high fruit continental style jam that actually tastes nice on bread. That high fruit stuff in the tall jars you can get in supermarkets is so pappy and boring urrghh.

This recipe looks like it could be ok..