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fnar fnar. etc.

My stuffing was especially successful this year, even stuffing unfriendly mother wanted the recipe. I am trying to remember it and preserve it for re-use. As with most of my savoury things, it’s a little random so.. you know.. caveat coquus. Or some other latin bastardisation.

Recipe within..

I had been fancying lemon meringue pie for some time, like this..

lemon (yum!) meringue (yum!) pie (urrr.. pastry..) *repeat*

Working with the following constants, what has been deemed ‘Best Lemon Meringue Pie Ever’ and also ‘How Pie SHOULD Be’ was created.

Lemony goop is delicious
Meringue is delicious
The crispy outside of Meringue is the best bit
Pastry is a bit bum
Shortbread however, is yum!
..ginger and lemons is nice yes