Vanatron: Camper in disguise! Post trip update..

Extreme hiatus! blog resumes.. maybe.

After a few ridiculous DIYing in campsites/laybys/on beaches episodes whilst travelling, I managed to get everything _pretty much_ working, although with a definite air of redneck chic action.

One of the most bodged things was the water tank. The tank itself (40l stainless steel from jay wolfe metal work) was good. The water filter and tap (from pozzani pure water, the Kitchen Spring RIX250 System) also, flawless.

Things that were not so good..

  • Filling was extremely awkward and invariably resulted in a little bit of spillage
  • The pump┬áhas a pressure switch. This means that if the tank runs out, OR if you are on rough ground, an airlock in the system will cause the pump to never turn off.
  • There is no inline switch to isolate the pump (see above)
  • The wooden cabinet is completely unfinished and thus less waterproofand more.. spongelike.
  • One of the plumbing fittings I made in a french campsite eventually came apart 5 months later and the pump pissed water everywhere before I could stop the van and get to the main power isolation switch.

Resulting in the following scenes of mouldy destruction…

hiding under the tank..
the base..
under the carpet


I bought a caravan type locking water filler with overflow from ebay, and very bravely fitted it…

let’s not lose the key

Naturally, it rained as soon as I cut the hole, so I drove around for a day with a piece of sushi rice packet taped over the hole, waiting for the anti corrosion paint to cure..

Extreme vinegar and teatree anti mould attack, and a fan heater on in the van for a day sorted the mould out.

Then, four coats of random eggshell later, and the tank is refitted with a proper filler, a switch that importantly can be reached from the driver’s seat, and the tank is optimised for use!

BIY, it’s great, innit?

or.. Why To Buy A Fecking BarrattBox And Not A Manky Old Victorian Cottage.

thinks – I know, I will finally fix those steps, get a key on the weird melamine backing bits and paint the stair backs. Then I’ll just need to sand the treads a bit. Easy job. No bother.

Fix two steps. Feel impressed with self. Think – ha, that didn’t take so long did it? Wash down stairs. Scrub weird bits of glue and tape off stair backs. Try and remember the proper term for the back of a stair step. Sand melamine bits to get a key. Remove more staples, wondering how there could be more staples in the world than the amount originally removed from stairs after mingingcarpet removal. prime melamine. Prime wood. Sand a couple of steps. Realise weird plasticised carpet tape stuff on treads isn’t coming off. Apply homestrip to tape. Wait an hour, scrape off, then scrub with steel wool, wash down. Repeat process three times for each f cking step. Note constant groaning and insane mutterings at this point. Wash down one final time. Paint back and sides of steps. Paint again.

Realise in daylight that another coat is needed. Also sanding of treads. Mutter and cast black glares at stairs.

ooh look, an old phone pic of the orrible stairs.

the minging stairs