Google Streetview mapping the North Pole now.. Illustration Friday – Snow!

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Those crazy guys at Google get everywhere to enable your vicarious adventuring/real estate hunt..

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conversations with possessed computers

Hijacked accounts and zombie computers are a significant threat to the grammar police all over the everywhere.

handy infographic

If someone sends you a link via some kind of chat medium, I suggest perhaps ‘Are you a cheese?’ as a call/response HUMANPERSON test.  If they respond that they are indeed a cheese, or ‘eeeeeeeeee’, or ‘what are you talking about you moron, have you even LOOKED at the hilarious kittens yet?’ then they probably are a real person sending you nonsense of merely dubious provenance.

I make no guarantees.

INURCOMPUTER: what’s up?
me: huh?
INURCOMPUTER: hahahaha, I’m in SHOCK right now..
me: are you an exciting virus? how exciting.
INURCOMPUTER: – WOW use that real quick and tell me its not crazy..
me: oh I don’t think so.
INURCOMPUTER: they are soooo right! lol what’s it saying for you?
me: cheese spoon banana!
INURCOMPUTER: plz u have to tell me, fill it out..I have to know if your results were as crazy as mine lol
me: no thanks
INURCOMPUTER: ur missing out these songs are HOTT!!!
me: go away little virus bot.
INURCOMPUTER: hey, are you still there?


INURCOMPUTER: hey tiff, hope you had a great presidents day off yesterday!!
me: if I was one of them ‘merkins I might have.
me: how are you?
INURCOMPUTER: I want you to try something real quick
me:bong bing spam bam
INURCOMPUTER: okay tiff, take this quiz and see what you score.. I can’t get over like a 110, its ridiculous http://imnotreallyaquizhahaha.plep, sally scored like a 112 and I’ve been trying to beat them!!
me:what a cheeky little scammer you are
me:how rude
me:if I was a cheese what kind of cheese would I be?
INURCOMPUTER:lemme know what ya get plz


INURCOMPUTER: hey, I just scored 112 on My IQ test, this is supposed to be really accurate. Tell me what you get http://BRAINZTEST.US


INURCOMPUTER: hey there…




INURCOMPUTER: hey there…


URLs have been obfuscated for the protection of the innocent/idiotic.

3D Text Tower with MOAR 3D with MAGIC! (CSS)

If you are in internet explorer this post will look very dull indeed. Get a different browser, you crazy fool!

So, the various lovely things that can be done with the CSS3 property text-shadow, whilst still lost on Internet Explorer users, are definitely still worth playing with.

David Desandro’s 3D Text Tower effect, as popularised by Chris Coyier is pretty darn cute.

It’s not just for 3D effects though..

Woo! I’m glowing!

text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px rgb(223,19,37);
font-size: 4em;

Back to the 3D – I wonder if I can make it MOAR 3D, I thought.


text-shadow: 1px 1px #777, 2px 2px #666, 3px 3px #555, 4px 4px #444, 5px 5px #333,6px 6px #222;
font-size: 8em;


text-shadow: 1px 1px #999, 2px 2px #666, 3px 3px #555, 4px 4px #444, 5px 5px #333,6px 6px #222;
font-size: 8em;


text-shadow: 1px 1px #333, 2px 2px #333, 3px 3px #444, 4px 4px #444, 5px 5px #555, 6px 6px #555;
font-size: 8em;

Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.