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Adelie Early

.. but he has a mighty roar.

Suggestions received at the same time for doodle a day were “Adelie Penguin” and “Random Objects in Space”. They melded together in a pleasing manner.

Daily Doodles are almost certainly created under the following restrictions:

1. Lunchtime (i.e. <1hr) 2. Based upon a provided topic (you may suggest one) 2. Based upon a topic that appeared in my head 3. MUST DO ONE EVERY DAY 4. Rules are for wimps GO

I’m really liking the whole mixed media thang at the moment. Created a couple of watercolour headers that display based on GMT sunrise and sunset. Never realised PHP had sunrise/sunset functions, you larn a new thing every day, huh?

Still very much WIP, but I’m loving the paint. I’ve gone all painty.  I painted the cats and the landscapes separately, so I can move ’em about. Taking photos of the paintings with a K850i is perhaps less than ideal however – I think I need to get a scanner working..

Pink Paws NightPink Paws Day