Sucker Punch – delve into THE MAKING OF!!

A film where absolutely nothing happens in a quite spectacular fashion. In tiny sailor outfits. With swords. Sometimes explosions. AND DRAGONS. Murdered dragons.

edit 14th March 2013: A bit late to the party for Tropes vs Women in Video Games Kickstarter by Anita Sarkeesian, and in fact never knowing about her excellent blog/webcast series Feminist Frequency. I had a wander through her archives and noticed this review of Sucker Punch. I also note from a bunch of the links that people are trying to say that Zach Snyder really really tried to make an empowered female character, he really did. I’m confused. How is an two hour rape fantasy that culminates in a lobotomy empowering? Please tell me because I missed some nuance somewhere, obviously. Maybe it was under one of the murdered baby dragons. As a side note, I am feeling shamed by my paltry output.

It may only be 99p to rent, but it’s two hours of your life you will never get back.


Frank Miller reference FYI (this image is all over the interwebs, I’ve no idea who to attribute it to).

‘but they kick ass’ is not an acceptable defence

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