Adobe ebook DRM crazymadness solution

adobe digital editions is a piece of shit
I could not agree more.
  1. I have to install a special program to view it?
  2. It is not compatible with Stanza* (see comments from Neelan Choksi), the best ebook reader ever – although less happy for their prospects since they sold out to Amazon.. Oh Kindle for iPhone. How sad you make me. Not quite as sad as iBooks. But pretty sad.
  3. It takes THREE BILLION YEARS to download a POCKET edition of a book?
  4. I have to install some random extra product to my iphone (after a non trivial search to find the goddamned thing in the first place) to view it?

What. The. Shit.


*Note the dearth of development since the buyout. And it is still better than the Kindle app by roughly one million miles of subjective value distance.