Sew Anyway, Chapter 1: Laser Engraved Suede Baby Boots

The combination of a mad rush of tiny humans arriving in the world, and being basically housebound for a month with an ill pet has set off what we could perhaps call SEWMAGEDDON, if we were feeling exceptionally hyperbolic. Although perhaps not, the crafting frenzy also included some lasering and painting. For those things, a separate post I think. This shall be about the TINYBOOTS and quilts and TINYHOODIES. This is already a picture heavy post that should not be all one post. I think I will split this into chapters. Chapter 1: Cute but achieving ‘chocolate teapot’ levels of utility First off, some laser engraved suede booties. Yes, shoes on babies are pointless, yes, they are still unbelievably cute…

Attack of the Giant Robots

Today I realised that the robot (a giant robot from Studio Ghibli’s Laputa – Castles In The Sky) head I started yesterday had some scale issues. Given that I am making it to go in a fish tank, and given the size of the robot torso vs head, I was looking at some kibd of outsized craziness. So I made a smaller one, and started on the detail for the bigger one’s eyes. Maybe the big one will be a garden ornament.. reference pic: They’re made from a clay with a high iron and mica content, so they’ll go orangey with a oxidative firing, and have shiny speckles. Given the variable success of my rather random firings, anything could happen.

A bad egg?

An issue where consumer action can have a real impact on the way things work.. Unsustainable palm oil is hidden in many products, and is directly responsible for the destruction of millions of acres of rainforest. Think happy orangutan* thoughts and avoid Easter eggs from bad people! See here for a table listing the results of a survey on palm oil use in chocolate. *and countless other less photogenic species, indigenous humans, general ecological damage, greenhouse gas emissions and PUPPIES** **not puppies. Except indirectly.

Google Streetview mapping the North Pole now.. Illustration Friday – Snow!

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