Dyslexia friendly fonts..

Today I learned that Comic Sans is secretly a force for good, and should be lauded and loved as an accessibility marvel for people with dyslexia (perhaps even 15% of the population). https://www.thecut.com/2017/03/the-reason-comic-sans-is-a-public-good.html That’s all well and good, but the hatred is real, and the font is a horror for so many historical reasons. I can’t do it.  As a wee trial, I’ve installed the Open Dyslexic font (downloaded and then converted to web friendly formats here: https://onlinefontconverter.com/) though, any dyslexics care to comment? It looks pretty weird to my eyes. https://www.opendyslexic.org/

Sisyphean Seveneves a review I guess

Snow Crash, that was a great book right? Who cannot love a book where the main actor is called Hiro Protagonist. Careening all over the place, it was a kind of post cyberpunk drunken spree through three different parties that left you hungover in a field. I came into Seveneves a little late, because I’d seen the size of the physical book and decided that I didn’t want to risk a sprained wrist. One Scribd.com encounter later.. Feeling a bit under the weather, I thought me some thrilling sci-fi apocalypta would be just the ticket. Long, OK, but he will have honed his craft so long after Snow Crash days, kept the ship trimmed, polished the machine, can I stop…

Creality Ender 3; all aboard the 3D Printing Wagon

TL;DR: Scroll down to the first picture if you just want to get into the nuts and bolts of my Ender 3 setup teething issues.. I resisted getting a 3D printer for a long while, because the cost vs potential use cases/fun ratio seemed poor.  I also had access to 3D printers at my hackspace (https://mkmakerspace.co.uk/) – so why would I need my own? The amount of fettling that most of the people at the hackspace seemed to do to their machines was also pretty off-putting. I gave up doing hardware and even OS support (plus hosting mail servers in my living room, Linux in any form, etc etc) many years ago, because fettling is ANNOYINGGGGG.  I want things to…

New Theme!

Obviously.. I wanted something that would be better for showing pictures as well as text – seeing as that’s what I post mostly, these days.  Opinions welcomed. Just noticed that the new facebook commenting functionality has killed all the old comments. How bad is this? I am not sure.

Google Streetview mapping the North Pole now.. Illustration Friday – Snow!

[vc_column width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [vc_column_text width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Those crazy guys at Google get everywhere to enable your vicarious adventuring/real estate hunt.. [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column]

New toys

Mostly about my lovely new Waterman ringtop lever fill pen, but I couldn’t let a new toy post pass without a showing of it.. Magical belt that’s also a beer bottle opener, spanner and screwdrivers!! awww yeahh

Git and Textmate on OSX Lion

Have you seen this git bundle?

Just because it might save someone a bit of pain; if you are getting extremely tedious messages like the below when trying to use git in textmate after your upgrade (forced by an ill-timed and catastrophic hardware failure* or not), here are steps to fix. My googling found an awful lot of not very helpful stuff..

Evil error messages of doom:

sh: line 1: git: command not found