Sew Anyway, Chapter 1: Laser Engraved Suede Baby Boots

The combination of a mad rush of tiny humans arriving in the world, and being basically housebound for a month with an ill pet has set off what we could perhaps call SEWMAGEDDON, if we were feeling exceptionally hyperbolic. Although perhaps not, the crafting frenzy also included some lasering and painting. For those things, a separate post I think. This shall be about the TINYBOOTS and quilts and TINYHOODIES.

This is already a picture heavy post that should not be all one post. I think I will split this into chapters.

Chapter 1: Cute but achieving ‘chocolate teapot’ levels of utility

First off, some laser engraved suede booties. Yes, shoes on babies are pointless, yes, they are still unbelievably cute SO TINY LOOK AT THE TINY FEETS hhaHAHAHA

I found a free pattern online that claimed to stay on (from, which claims I took with a bucket of salt, having attempted in the past to find some sort of foot covering that will stay on a baby. (Reader, They Lied)

Then, I drew some pictures and lasered them on.  *INSERT PEW PEW NOISES*

Don’t do this: attempt to cut the suede with the laser.  Engraving the suede worked really nicely (if we don’t talk about the hideous burning hair smell), but cutting through resulted in a horrible blackened burny mess. This may be a problem with my laser’s alignment or focus, or age of the tube, but whatever the cause it was horrible and annoying (see, hideous burning hair smell).  If I were to make these again I’d simply engrave the edges and cut them with scissors or knife.


Suede: engraves well, cuts horribly
Cotton fleece: cuts very well yes please lovely.

I also laser cut liners from some lovely cotton sweatshirt fleece from, that bit went swimmingly, no problems at all.  The sewing was FIDDLY SHIT but I prevailed. I imagine sewing it by hand would actually have been less vexing but my perception is that machine sewing is quicker and easier so that is what I did.



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