A bad egg?

An issue where consumer action can have a real impact on the way things work.. Unsustainable palm oil is hidden in many products, and is directly responsible for the destruction of millions of acres of rainforest. Think happy orangutan* thoughts and avoid Easter eggs from bad people! See here for a table listing the results of a survey on palm oil use in chocolate. *and countless other less photogenic species, indigenous humans, general ecological damage, greenhouse gas emissions and PUPPIES** **not puppies. Except indirectly.

For closet stalkers everywhere..

..because nothing says ‘I love you’, ‘I buy love’, ‘Now you can be online FOR ME ALL THE EVERY DAY’, ‘my heart, soul and brain have been eaten by consumerism’ and ‘If you ever ever leave me I will hunt you down whilst sniffing articles of your clothing and post CDs with me singing every breath you take (naked) on through your door’ like a wifi enabled (crap) laptop with optional webcam..