Creality Ender 3; all aboard the 3D Printing Wagon

TL;DR: Scroll down to the first picture if you just want to get into the nuts and bolts of my Ender 3 setup teething issues.. I resisted getting a 3D printer for a long while, because the cost vs potential use cases/fun ratio seemed poor.  I also had access to 3D printers at my hackspace ( – so why would I need my own? The amount of fettling that most of the people at the hackspace seemed to do to their machines was also pretty off-putting. I gave up doing hardware and even OS support (plus hosting mail servers in my living room, Linux in any form, etc etc) many years ago, because fettling is ANNOYINGGGGG.  I want things to…

Attack of the Giant Robots

Today I realised that the robot (a giant robot from Studio Ghibli’s Laputa – Castles In The Sky) head I started yesterday had some scale issues. Given that I am making it to go in a fish tank, and given the size of the robot torso vs head, I was looking at some kibd of outsized craziness. So I made a smaller one, and started on the detail for the bigger one’s eyes. Maybe the big one will be a garden ornament.. reference pic: They’re made from a clay with a high iron and mica content, so they’ll go orangey with a oxidative firing, and have shiny speckles. Given the variable success of my rather random firings, anything could happen.