Vanatron: Camper In Disguise! Day: 2

Well. That didn’t go entirely to plan.

Yesterday’s moderately storming start stuttered to a crawl today. Did a lot of fruitless searching for a replacement passenger seat to swap out for the current bench. Some actual work *horrors* got in the way in the morning, and this afternoon I realised that the van was still pretty filthy and covered in various stuck on bits of sealant, weird velcro etc etc.  After cleaning it all up and removing clingons, I got the thermoliner out and set to trying to make it fit.

I tried a bit more.

Some wrestling occurred.





Lightbulb moment: “it is cold”.

Warmed up thermoliner. Thermoliner stopped doing a fantastic impression of an overtired child resisting pajamas and became a little more pliable. Decided to come back to this job on a warmer day.

Cooked a chicken. Spent the rest of the evening telling Fey the Chicken Smell Drunk Lunatic that it is ‘Not Done’ ‘Not for You’ ‘All Gone’. She didn’t believe me.


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