poor sir david

Some days are just a bit more surreal than others. I found this account from a while back and decided to share the whimsy..

Visiting a friend in Bristol, I went to see his band play at Mr. Wolf’s – at which point, my Mad Magnet turned on full power.

poor sir david.

The Mads
1: Brown Teeth – your general grungy mad with penchant for over familiar conversation; somewhat spongy brain.
2: Poor Sir David (61), given name: David. Several appearances. Seeming slighty lost, generally amiable. Voluble. Hernia operation pending. Works as plasterer on the trains. Above note discovered on bar separately. Assumptions made.
3: Gyrating skinny bald man on rave class pharmaceuticals making sweet love at allcomers, furniture, sound equipment, air. Random wooOOOO’s emanate frequently.
4: ‘the bird’. Creeping around the edges of the room, clutching numerous cameras and squawking if crowded unexpectedly, this mad was clearly out of her native environment but managing a white knuckled effort that was to be admired. Incoherent.


How was your day?

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