gmail conversation view (hell)

Great for chatting with your mates, utter utter hell if you are trying to use it for business. For instance, I am trying to repair a knackered timesheet for some freelance work. I just want to see all the relevant mails by date. Can I do that? Not on your nelly. I have to go through EVERY CONVERSATION to see if there are emails for the relevant dates, or maybe I just do a search for each individual day? Howwww tedious! utter utter madness. you can suggest that google stop being completely psychotic here. losing the will.

if only it came in ecru..

I suppose I shall start this not even alive yet collection of gibber and nonsense with a mini rant regarding templates. I’m not knocking them, oh no. I’d just like to come to the realisation that they are utterly pointless. It’s a bit like gambling, I suppose. The next one I find will be perfect, and it will save me a marvellous amount of time that I can use to do other marvellous things. This never ever happens. I find a template that is almost like something I would want.. then I spend hours and hours swearing at the obtuse markup, changing all the colours, re-jigging the design and recreating all the images. This is happening right now. I’m just…