Your arguments are nuncupatory

How did I never know about this??

There is a search engine, for Jack Vance’s entire body of work.  TOTALITY, “The Vance Vocabulary Search Tool’.

I can now say that ‘nuncupatory’ was used 11 times in total, and ‘punctilio’, 33.  I find this immensely pleasing.

‘Krim drew himself up to his full height. He spoke severely. “I object to that entire imputation, sir; it is irrelevant, prejudicial and nuncupatory. Further, no grounds have been laid.”‘

Although, I tried ‘moue’ – which only returned 1 record. This seems wrong. I’m pretty sure Madouc was fond of the odd moué.

You can only search for words returning less than 50 results. Otherwise you will see this rather charming error message.

Too many results (more than 50). Your question is nuncupatory.

Please refine your query. Adding a leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in each row that is returned.

+Cugel +beer -Bunderwal
“question is nuncupatory”

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