How to be a letting agent!

Here are some handy tips on working in a letting agents I have deduced from my experiences as a landlord.

First – know your competition

My letting agent’s recruitment process:

  1. Go to Renoirs, get drunk
  2. Canvas women with leggings and high heels, find unemployed ones
  3. Ask a series of challenging questions such as
      1. 2+3=?


    1. if your trousers are on fire do you
      a: piss yourself
      b: polish your nails and blame men for all the ills of the world or
      c: email someone to quote for fire retardant hats
  4. Declare that they are all hired and pass out in a pool of vomit.

Once you are hired

What, you want more? There’s nothing to it! Sit around and answer the phone occasionally. There are loads of people to blame your shortcomings on, and the landlords will eventually tell you what needs to be done with handy bulleted lists. Sometimes people might get narky but that’s just the way the industry works. Enjoy!

p.s. thanks for the money, and f*ck you too.

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