dojo master regexp your arse, glasshoppa!

Dojo Toolkit and Regexp monster child runs amok. Citizens terrified. Where will it stop??

I want to put ‘>=2 ‘ in a combobox.

Dojo master say no.

In fact, it seems to be escaping any even vaguely ‘dodgy’ characters. I can’t put < in, fair enough. I can’t put & in. I tried ‘<‘ even. It converts that to & lt; but it won’t resolve anything with an ampersand in either.

This bug, and yes I say it IS a bug, is bugging the arse off me.

bloody wordpress is at it too! Leave me the hell alone! What is wrong with you people?!?!

3 thoughts on “dojo master regexp your arse, glasshoppa!

  1. If dojo didn’t ignore escaped characters, that would be so kewl.

    put ‘\x3c 70’ into a select option, and you get ‘\x3c 70’ rendered in your combo box. Nice.

    It ignores me. How rude!

    There must be some special dojo thing.

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