Sloe progress

A blog you say? I have one of those? I must tie a note in my finger.

Not much has happened in the wild foods section in leekworld recently, there was a brief go at rose jelly, but it was more of a strange syrup in the end – I have learned from the experience however, and will share that 1lb of wild rose petals is a completely ridiculous amount, and would take all flipping day to collect – IF you could find enough bushes!

Moving on.. an offer of access to a good big clump of (semi) wild blackthorns (plus apples and plums) has rekindled me creative juices.

Sloe gin is the first and most obvious choice, but I’m thinking a jam might be nice. I don’t want a british type jam though, all sweetness and ugh, I want a high fruit continental style jam that actually tastes nice on bread. That high fruit stuff in the tall jars you can get in supermarkets is so pappy and boring urrghh.

This recipe looks like it could be ok..

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