Flapjacks Are Great and Everyone Says So.

By almost popular request, my flapjack methodology in handy step by step format.. Go forth and oatify.

1. try to recall if you have all the following in the house

150g golden syrup. other sugars can be used in a pinch.
100g butter or margarine. Butter is nicer.
225g jumbo oats or some boring muesli that needs PIMPIN’ (other types of oats will work too, but you’ll get a different texture)
c.175g various dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Whatever takes your fancy.
a deepish baking tray, or silicone cake/bread tin

2. Turn on your oven – about 170 degrees centigrade. Ask goggle for conversions.

3.  Put a medium sized saucepan on your scales and zero it.  Weigh your syrup and margarine/butter into it. Any other way is craziness.

Simmer it until it’s all melty and a bit bubbly. Turn off heat.

Stop! I have no golden syrup!  [ on err goto #eek1 ]

4.  weigh out your fruit/nuts/seeds. Chop em up a bit if they’re a bit big. Chuck them in the pan

5.  weigh out your oats.  either take a big handful out and whizz them in a blender till they’re like flour, or just put a stick blender in the bowl and whizz them a little bit so some of them go floury. This helps them stick together and get that more solid cakey texture.  Don’t do this if you want to make oaty cluster type thingies. You’ll ideally have caramelised the sugar mixture if that were the case though so never mind.

6. mix everything together. if you haven’t got a silicone cake tin or something like that, then line whatever you’re using with greaseproof paper.  Just use something that lets you put the mixture in to about 1.5-2cm deep. Or deeper. It doesn’t matter that much. If you do make it deeper, then turn the heat to maybe 150-160 and leave it in for a bit longer.

7. Put it in the oven for about 25 mins, until it goes golden brown.  Take it out, and resist poking/cutting/removing from tray until it is fully cooled. This is sometimes hard. Use the forsh.

8. Once cooled, tip it out of the tray and chop it into little squares.  The original recipe had it in 20 pieces with each piece being 126 kcal or something, and this one has more oats and fruit. Just so you know. Don’t blow 500 calories a day and blame me.

[ eek1:

Oh well, don’t panic.  You can substitute honey or even sugar, you just need to make sure it’s melted.  I sometimes use a mixture.

If you’re using sugar, add a couple of teaspoons of water and simmer it for a while with the margarine until all the crystals are melted. It’s all sugar, right?




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